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Build Internet is a cutting edge blog centered around web design, development, and business.

Part of web design is staying on top of an immeasurable amount of trends and technological advances. While that can be overwhelming, one way to avoid the absolute sea of information is to find a few trusted sources in each niche and rely on them for their expertise. Build Internet for example has remained a standout in the development world for quite a few years. While some designers may like to keep this kind of intel close to the pocket, our team generally thinks its better to share and work with those who feel the same.

In The Words of the Designers Themselves

We first ran across this design firm some years ago while researching the best fullscreen slideshow options. Their code stood far and above beyond any other offerings at the time and frankly we've been big fans ever since. Their Smashing Network posts were always extremely helpful while building our code skills and with that said, we'll let their team describe their basic approach.

"We’d like to say that we have a long, rich, and noble history - but that’s just the best we’ve come up with so far. We want to help you build internet, and make sure that it’s phenomenal. You may just be starting and want to expose yourself to the web design-o-sphere. Go for it! There will be just as much opportunity for a beginner as for the seasoned internet veterans. Even for the advanced, but not quite expert yet. This is your middle ground. It doesn’t matter what your background is - the goal is still the same."

Zach Dunn

Who’s Behind Build Internet?

Build Internet was created and is maintained by a talented set of twin brothers, Sam and Zach Dunn. If you're interested in the web development field or a seasoned pro, these are two industry pros worth keeping an eye on. If you know any other design firms we should be keeping up with, please drop us a message on your favorite social media site and be sure to leave a share if you've found this post at all useful.

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  • Summary: Build Internet is a Boston based design firm with an absolutely cutting edge blog centered around web design, development and business.
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