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Heliodon Circle - Generative Art Wallpaper

Playing with generative art programs inspired us to build our own generative art wallpaper. The Heliodon Circle desktop wallpaper is a beautiful minimal design inspired by an amazing programmatic artist and a free download for our loyal visitors.

The worlds of design and development have remained apart for quite awhile. Many think the two must remain individual and have very little to offer one another. People use very few of their artistic abilities in math class and vice-versa. But it doesn't need to necessarily remain that way. Like many developers, our team has started to play around with some programmatic art and the results are pretty fascinating. One of our recent experiments produced an interesting result that we decided to use as the base for this months Heliodon Circle desktop wallpaper. We'll give you a quick run through to how we generated the design, a few places to find insane programmatic art, and of course the free wallpaper downloads for all you fine folk.

Spring Squirrels Wallpaper

The Spring Squirrels Wallpaper is a patterned squirrel wallpaper, includes 3 varieties & a vector squirrel pattern.

After a long winter nothing is more welcomed then the signs of a spring coming around the corner. Color spreading through the trees, birds filling the air with chirping, and a few of these guys scuttling around stashing their loot. We've included a few color variations on the Spring Squirrels Wallpaper and also tossed in the vector shape for any designers who would like to make their own.

Steve Zissou - Wes Anderson Wallpaper

This Wes Anderson Wallpaper Tribute is a Steve Zissou tribute. A minimalist Life Aquatic wallpaper for Wes lovers.

I love Wes Anderson, but this Steve Zissou Wallpaper is dedicated to the man himself. Generally Bill Murray is amazing in any movie, but this one in particular makes me love him so much more. He consistently fights an unending uphill battle, w/o so much as noticing. I constructed the teams outfit in Illustrator, then tossed in an inspirational quote from the man himself.

PolyWall - Low Poly Wallpaper

PolyWall is a low poly wallpaper dedicated to lo-fi in high style. Free iphone wallpaper & low poly wallpaper pack.

At first I couldn't really tell what it was about "Low Poly" illustrations that I liked. After a few weeks I realized that it reminded me of those crosshatching doodles that almost every "artsy kid" covered their notebooks with in middle school. At it's most advanced "Low Poly" seems to give a peak into the cubist mind and in it's basic form it still gives you the feel of peering through a crystal... Either way - pretty fun stuff.

Calvin Power - Calvin and Hobbes Wallpaper

This stunning Calvin and Hobbes Wallpaper features a John Muir quote so impactful, we decided to name it Calvin Power.

Scottish naturalist John Muir once said "The Power of Imagination Makes Us Infinite" and to me nothing embodies that feeling more perfectly then Calvin and Hobbes. Anyone who grew up in the 90's will remember the kind hearted mischief, Spaceman Spiff, endless shenanigans, and the insanely tolerant folks. The seed this planted in millions of minds from one frame to the next, was that imagination makes all the difference. In this exceedingly homogeneous world, I couldn't agree more.

Stitch Wallpaper | Apple Logo Wallpaper

Our Stitch Wallpaper is an Apple logo wallpaper with a "stitched" apple icon. It's a minimal Mac wallpaper tribute.

This months submission - Stitch Wallpaper is simple, wintry in color, and a great way to coordinate your new tech gear ...especially since Santa is gonna be late with the new MacPro's.

Save Ferris Wallpaper

We've titled this minimalist 80s wallpaper the Save Ferris Wallpaper. Rendering a timeless Bueller moment makes for one classic Ferris Bueller background any fan would love.

This months wallpaper celebrates the Bueller gang's artistic eye. Since pointillism can be tricky, we decided to create a simple layout that results in a clean and uncluttered desktop for any OCD types. The Save Ferris Wallpaper makes a great addition for 80's lovers, movie nerds, or any folks who need a brief reminder of how important enjoying life actually is.

Le Petit Prince Wallpaper

This Le Petit Prince Wallpaper (The Little Prince Wallpaper) & some solid little prince quotes, remind us to dream.

With all the rising worldwide conflict, we've chosen to reflect our focus to all the incredible contributions France has spearheaded in our world. While no one can deny its immeasurable impact across politics, gastronomy, and the arts, this week a small, initially unassuming book named "Le Petit Prince" has felt more symbolic then any political speech ever could. We've included this tribute wallpaper (free to download), a few of our favorite Little Prince quotes, and a couple great links that will surely broaden your perspective on the topic.

Pacman Fever Wallpaper - Pacman Wallpaper

The Pacman Fever Wallpaper features Pacman ghosts patterned into a sweet Pacman wallpaper w/ some halloween spirit.

This months submission is proof that Halloween doesn't need to be all about terror and debauchery. We made the Pacman Fever Wallpaper to give the season some old-school class and dignity. Let's be honest, nothing says "dignity" quite like Pac-Man... The hand-down, classiest of all retro video games.

Shark Week Wallpaper - Classic Jaws Wallpaper

The Shark Week wallpaper is a newly spun Jaws Wallpaper. A perfect fit for those hunting classic shark wallpapers.

This months submission is in homage to Shark Week. This Shark Week Wallpaper is a simple reinterpretation of the classic Jaws movie poster. If you aren't rocking these wallpapers all week, you're a horrible human being.

Be Frank Wallpaper

Our Frank Lloyd Wright desktop wallpaper is a tribute to a great man and an absolute design legend. You should Be Frank. …we all should.

Frank Lloyd Wright is an American hero and an undisputed idol to every design minded person I know. This Frank Lloyd Wright desktop wallpaper is an homage to the legend and features one of his most insightful and timeless quotes - "The truth is more important then the facts".

Cant Stop Wont Stop Wallpaper

Combine some Puffy wisdom with a Vintage NES Wallpaper & you’ve got the Cant Stop Wont Stop Wallpaper. Designed with love by your favorite Bad Boy.

Even those without a sarcastic nature can find mocking public figures pretty darn enjoyable. That's not why we created this vintage Nintendo wallpaper though. When you look really closely at any individual you can find wisdom... In this case it comes from Puff Daddy. We've adopted Puffy's mantra, combined it with a love for old-school NES, and flipped it into the Cant Stop / Wont Stop Wallpaper.

Create or Die Wallpaper | Panda Graffiti

This Banksy inspired Create or Die Wallpaper features sweet panda graffiti & will surely keep your energy focused.

Now I'm not saying that the panda will come to life and shoot you if you don't create… but I'm also NOT not saying that'll happen either.

The Stars Astronomy Wallpaper

The Stars Astronomy Wallpaper is a dark Hubble wallpaper sized image, featuring an inspiring (and often incorrectly attributed) Sarah Williams quote.

If you haven't had a chance to look at NASA's high resolution Hubble pics, let me suggest that you give it a look immediately. The updated lens has given us all a crystal clear peephole to many of the galaxies wonders. With our love of NASA in mind, we've decided to highlight one of our favorite new shots for this months wallpaper. If you're a space fan, a nature fan, or just love beautiful quotes - you'll probably love it.

Creativity Takes Courage Wallpaper

The words of Henri Matisse base the Creativity Takes Courage Wallpaper. For those who need to motivate and create, this freebie will be the perfect background for you.

Like many great artists, the genius of Henri Matisse took years to actually garner the public appreciation it deserved. While paintings may be a matter of taste, words generally cut a more direct path to the minds of an audience. This simple wallpaper features his Creativity Takes Courage quote and centers it in a slightly textured layout.

Free Speech Wallpaper

Our Free Speech Wallpaper is a simply designed Antoine Rivarol quote wallpaper with an important message for defenders of thought and speech. Without one, you simply can not have the other.

This months wallpaper is a light reminder to the importance free thought and speech play in our culture. The simple layout features a timeless Antoine Rivarol quote "Speech is external thought, and thought internal speech". This free speech wallpaper provides a great reminder to avoid limiting either when you set down to do some work.

Minimalist Olympic Wallpaper

Our minimalist Olympic Wallpaper is the best way to celebrate minimalism & rock a sweet Olympics Wallpaper. Gold Medals for Everyone!!!

No matter what your ancestral background, supporting the Olympics is ALWAYS cool. There are sometimes dark clouds surrounding the politics, but the history behind bringing the worlds greatest athletes together to test their limits is just downright inspirational. In that spirit, we've tossed together a sexy little Olympic Wallpaper for our readers. It's basically just a light bezel version of the classic rings, but this Olympic wallpaper is also a great way to show everyone in the office your Olympic spirit.

Dark Linen iOS Wallpaper

The Dark Linen iOS Wallpaper is a simple Apple linen background that will make any desktop look equal parts clean and beautiful.

With the overwhelming amount of technology infringing on most every aspect of our daily lives, sometimes it's nice to just clean off your desktop. To clean off the palette if you will. That's why we tossed together this ultra-clean iOS wallpaper featuring Apple's much beloved dark linen texture. This linen desktop wallpaper will give everyone some breathing room and clean modern work-space to start from.

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