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A client and designer should have the same goal in mind. The more our industry grows, the more we find our approach to design is what sets us apart from the pack. Looking at the big picture and communicating with our clients allows us to see how they would like their brand to be viewed, but also which approach would garner the best long-term results. This may not be the most effective approach for a start-up looking to cash in on an IPO, but if you're looking to build your business in an efficient tactical manner - you're in the right place.
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Combining A Love for Technology, Design, & Small Business

Good Design is Good Business

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Variety Simplifies the Process

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Experience Creates Predictable Results

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Consistency Creates Cohesive Branding

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Above & Beyond is Easy to Say

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Proud of Our Loyal and Constantly Growing Client Base

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Our Design Process Creates Consistent Growth

Every project is unique, but our design process gives us a framework to build from. Modern projects can get complicated, but our basic steps remain simple - Target, Plan, Assess, Adjust. This is the cycle that guides us.
  • Design Desk Design Desk
    Target: What's Our Goal?

    In approaching any project target, scope, and goal are important concerns. It's impossible after-all to know if you've succeeded or failed until you have a tangible goal in mind. What's your message? Who do you want it to reach? How do you want your brand to come across?

  • Desk Overhead Desk Overhead
    Plan: How Do We Get There?

    Once you have your goal set, it's time to develop an efficient plan of attack. A larger business may be promoting & tracking a campaign, whereas a small business may just be establishing their identity... but either way, having a proper plan of attack is probably your most important step in the design process. By bringing several options to the table, we allow our clients the flexibility (in both time and budget) to get the exact results they want.

  • Brainstorm Cards Brainstorm Cards
    Assess: How Did Our Plan Work Out?

    It has been said that those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it. That is why impact-assessment is crucial. Sometimes this involves analytic tracking, product research, user feedback, a test panel, but ultimately our goal on this step is to obtain an objective / outside opinion. This is probably the most overlooked step, but in our opinion, it's absolutely crucial to remaining competitive and cost-effective in an ever-growing market. If you're working with a design firm who isn't tracking progress transparently, it's most likely because they don't want that information public.

  • Wireframing Wireframing
    Adjust: How Can We Do Better?

    Once your project has been available to a public audience, you should dive right into the adjust phase of the design process. In this phase, we refine our product and ultimately create a more useful product for either current or future use. The accumulation of these refinements is what makes experience important and that comes with any design service option we offer.

Your Business is in Good Company

We're experts in our field and we aim to work with clients who excel in their fields as well. More importantly, we look for clients who have passion and the ability to integrate honest feedback. Not all personality types are complimentary, but if you are looking for a company that treats clients respectfully and strives to guide them through the complex intricacies of design, development, and marketing - you'll be glad you found us.

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