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Favorites - Favorite Websites & Tech Products

Secure Messaging Apps for Encrypted Chat

Privacy concerns are on the rise and secure messaging tools offer the public a much-needed firewall. We've compiled the top secure messaging apps available, which allow secure messaging, anonymous encrypted chat, file transmission & more.

The Absolute Best Lazy Load Javascripts

In a field dominated by imagery, using the best lazy load javascripts possible can help you deliver amazing impact without becoming an absolute drag on your pageload times.

Mobile Editing Apps - iOS Code Editors

The best Mobile Editing Apps and iOS Code Editors contain an amazing power - Allowing you to actually take your web development skills on the road.

Top 5 Javascript Frameworks

Quality Javascript Libraries are a web developers best friend. These are the top 5 Javascript frameworks every web developer should be familiar with to make amazing web apps in minimal time!

10 Top CDN Plugins, Providers, and Tips

If you're minding your pageload times, then your probably already familiar with CDNs. We've collected the top cdn plugins, quality cdn providers, and a few tips for handling cdn on cms.

JPEGmini - Jpeg Compression Tool

JPEGmini is a killer jpeg compression tool that allows you to reduce your image's file size, improve your website's page load speeds, & still preserve all of the awesome!

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