We create company logos, cms websites (Joomla, Drupal, WP), brands, merchandise and have all kinds of other dev/design skills in our pockets. Based out of our home design studios in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Our Services - Haeck Design

Web Development Services

Our web development services create a digital home for your brand.

The future of marketing is all around you and its value will only be growing with time. A company's digital presence speaks volumes about the overall quality and value of a brand. Put simply - responsive web designs paired with efficient SEO campaigns are no longer a luxury, they're a necessity. Meeting this necessity is exactly what Haeck Design does best.

Logo Design & Logo Services

A thoughtfully constructed logo will epitomize your brand.

Every brand starts with a logo, but why not start with a logo that will need little attention for the next decade? Our logo services put beautiful, timeless designs within reach of any small business. Detail always matters and you should entrust your brand to a design firm that proves they care about every detail - no matter how small.

Brand Development & Identity Services

The often overlooked art of strategically creating positive brand associations.

Your brand starts by finding its voice, then immediately follows up by delivering your message. Not all messages are as overt as a "For Sale" sign, but they're all as important. The tone, color, texture, and feel comprise your company's personality. Ultimately it's that personality which defines the quality of your company's messaging and branding.

Graphic Design Services

Buying Photoshop is easy. Offering industry-leading graphic design services isn't.

The term graphic design has become almost ubiquitous, but the practice is taken seriously by a very small sliver of design studios. There are important factors that need to be considered in every project and you should be able to discuss them with a designer who cares about every small detail just as much as you. Every design project is unique, but our talent and experience are always focused on one thing - making your vision a reality.

Print Design Services

Every company needs to cover their print necessities.

Whether you need a promotional flyer for an upcoming event, a custom business card design to impress your colleagues, or a timeless billboard design for your growing company - You're in the right place. We create timeless print designs and have access to the best bulk printers in the country if you need to produce on a large scale.

Merch Design / Product Packaging

When approaching merch design and product packaging, quality is key.

Merch design requires strategic planning - after all, there are several variables to keep in mind. Since units are intended for sale, the cost must be a factor, but ultimately we aim to produce high end products that create brand loyalty and spread a positive message around the clock. It takes a unique mind, with a keen eye on budget, and a selection of options to really sell your company. We offer you that option and include our industry expertise at no additional charge.

Photography Services

Going the extra mile to put a subject in their best light.

If you've been looking around online for professional photography services, rest easy - you're in the right place. We work remotely and in our Raleigh photography studio to serve clients up and down the eastern seaboard. We offer photo editing services, location photography, product photography, image creation/editing, photo compilation/conversion, and any other type of image manipulation you can think of. If the task is to capture a solid image - we're on the job.

Additional Design / Online Strategy

Maybe you have a somewhat random web idea...

What a coincidence... We love ideas. Around here, we're always game to conduct a little brainstorming with our clients. We've included a few examples below that might be a tricky to categorize, but certainly let us know if you've got a concept in the graphic / web world that you'd like to run with. Odds are we can get the project done for you, but if not - We can at least point you in the right direction.