First Night Raleigh

First Night Raleigh - If you're looking for the best New Years Eve Raleigh, NC party? Look No Further. The home of the legendary Acorn Drop, live music, & more.

First Night Raleigh is Raleigh's largest New Years Eve celebration. It's an all-day festival occupying downtown's Fayetteville Street and much of the surrounding area. The party highlights local arts, celebrates the coming year, culminates in a live show, and features the traditional Raleigh Acorn Drop.

The Best New Years Eve Raleigh, NC Party

First Night Raleigh is not just a New Years celebration, it's the only place to truly celebrate our upcoming prosperity with the community we love so much. This party features over 6 dozen performances in nearly 30 locations across downtown Raleigh. If you love the Triangle as much as I do or just want to see our great little city, I highly suggest you make it out to First Night Raleigh to get a taste of what makes it so great.

Whats This Raleigh Acorn Drop All About?

The giant acorn that adorns Moore Square most of the year is lifted off it's search every year to make it's traditional passage. As the party builds, the apron hangs roughly 50 feet above the air on the south end of Fayetteville Street. Just before midnight the Raleigh Acorn Drop becomes the focal point and congregation spot for all locals.

First Night Raleigh Tickets & Info

If you've never been before, I highly suggest it. If you're planning on going, tickets can be purchased in advanced at through the month of December. We hope to see you at New Years Eve Raleigh, NC's best party and if you've found this post helpful please, be sure to like and share.

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  • Summary: First Night Raleigh - The best New Years Eve Raleigh, NC Party? Look No Further. The Acorn Drop, Music & More.
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