Graphic Design Services

Buying Photoshop is easy. Offering industry leading graphic design services isn't.

The term graphic design has become almost ubiquitous, but the practice is actually taken seriously by a very small sliver of design studios. There are important factors that need to be considered in every project and you should be able to discuss them with a designer who cares about every small detail just as much as you. Every design project is unique, but our talent and experience are always focused on one thing - making your vision a reality.

What Graphic Design Services Do We Offer?

  • Graphic Design Services

    Graphic Design Services

    It could be magazine ads, press packages, or electronic press kits - the field of graphic design covers a wide spectrum. You need a design studio that can do the same. Our team delivers cutting edge design in an efficient manner. Take a look at some of the services we offer and when you're ready to submit your project for consideration, just use the contact link at the top of the page.

  • Advertising Creation

    Advertising Creation

    Conveying your message across multiple media streams is important. Our advertising creation services develop a simple message-driven concept, then effectively deliver it across several streams of both print and electronic mediums. Our cohesive approach targets the optimum strategies, times, and markets, then allow your message to do its work.

  • Press Packages

    Press Packages

    When releasing a product or brand, it's crucial to unify your message first. Compiling a well thought out press package allows your brand to be seen by the right eyes, in the exact light you wish. We coordinate the branding production, compile the finished package, then have it delivered to the exact niche required. High impact, with minimal stress.

  • Image Creation

    Image Creation

    Illustrations are useful because they highlight what's important and ignore the rest. Generating a solid image isn't exactly child's play though... Spend a few minutes drawing in "MSPaint" and you'll learn that very quickly. Our image creation services allow our clients the ability to generate those concepts by simply specifying the goal. Basically - You just bring the idea and we'll bring it to life.

  • EPK’s - Electronic Press Kits

    EPK’s - Electronic Press Kits

    The modern version of those classic press kits are known as electronic press kits. The concept is the same, you simply sacrifice the tactile feel for a faster turnaround and lower cost. The beauty of an EPK is that they leverage the digital platform and allow you to convey your brand, images, content, links, and media all in one impressive little file. They last forever, are effortless to distribute, and when done right, is truly one of the most cost-effective ways to leave your audience absolutely impressed.

  • Photoshop Services

    Photoshop Services

    Sometimes you have the right pieces, you just need them placed together properly. We offer our clients professional Photoshop services so they have complicated editing options within reach. Our years of experience not only speed up the process, but they also allow thoughtful guidance and creation options that most folks believe are simply out reach.

Graphic Design Services That Just Work

Years of experience in the design industry have taught us that clients generally get more efficient service when they can speak to actual graphic designers. Very often cost cutters allow their graphic design services to get lost in translation (pardon the pun). We produce 99% of our work in-house. In the rare case that a project demands multiple hands (for faster turnaround), we have team members located along the eastern seaboard of the US that we coordinate with. No matter what - Quality is our primary goal and our Raleigh graphic design studios are packed with the latest in technology, all focused on producing a timeless graphic design.

We're don't have a fancy office. We work with businesses who would rather form an alliance with talent and passion, then throw the dice hiring a market intern. If you'd like to see a few samples, drop by our portfolio. If you're ready to get rolling on your next project, use the contact link at the top of the page and let us know how we can help.

What Do Recent Clients Think?

Haeck Design is the best in the Triangle for all of your media marketing needs! They created our company website and logo better than we envisioned it. We will definitely use Haeck Design for any future media marketing needs!

- Jim Anderson - Fuller Land and Development