Web Design / Development

Our web development services can create a digital home for your brand.

The future of marketing is all around you and it's value will only be increasing with time. A companies digital presence speaks to it's quality and value. Having a well developed website is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Meeting this necessity is what Haeck Design's Raleigh web design studio does best.

We have the ability to create your companies online home in a variety of formats and have them integrated with an endless amount of functions. Here's a brief list of web design and digital services we provide...

Web Design Services

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Template Creation
  • Blogs Design
  • Content Management System Deployment
  • Online Stores (E-Commerce)
  • Website Redesign
  • Web Hosting
  • Advanced Web Security
  • Website Questionnaire / Feedback
  • User Information Design
  • Website Maintenance
Raleigh Web Design and Development

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertising and PPC Campaigns
  • Website statistics and analysis
  • Newsletters / Mailer Design
  • Email Marketing, and Analysis

  • We took this stance long before "Responsive Web Design" became a hot industry term. Responsive web design simply means that your website serves the same content and simply adjusts it's appearance depending on the device that pulls it up (laptop, tablet, mobile, etc). By keeping all your information in one place, you avoid the confusion created when indexing and addressing seo. We're happy to explain why responsive design is a better option then mobile dedicated sites, multiple subdomains, etc. - but we do prefer to let you know off the bat, this is the future standard of web design.
  • Using social tools wisely provides your brand with a competitive advantage. Using logins, likes, and sharing functions allow your brand to directly touch your customer base. Just like with CMS's - You're letting fantastically talented companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to be responsible for providing the "guts" of your social sharing code. At Haeck Design we put our Raleigh web design studio's experience in dealing with this code and tailor the message to individually fit your brand. Your customers (and potential customers) are already on these networks, we simply provide you the ability to make the connection.
  • A CMS provides web developers with a huge advantage - Not needing to reinvent the wheel for every turn of the industry. The web is an ever evolving beast and by using a platform that is managed by a team of talented developers we allow them to handle the code level intricacies so we can focus on tailoring the site to your individual need. We are major providers and advocates of Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, CodeIgnitor, and Node... If you're not familiar, we suggest referring to those links to see just what each platform has to offer.
  • Flash sites we're very popular many years ago and some companies still use it... We're not one of those companies. This is a point we don't turn on. Flash is bloated in size, needy in resources, not easily crawlable (in terms or seo), and really just dated technology. There are a big chunk of designers who spent a lot of time learning Flash and aren't really eager to give it up... but the sad fact is - Flash is dead technology.
Whats The Next Step?

Let us know about your next project. We'll tell you how we can put our experience to work for you.