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  • Avedon WordPress Theme

    Project: Avedon WordPress Theme

    Avedon is a completely responsive open-source WordPress theme that has accumulated over 50,000 downloads since it's release. It's minimal structure features a Twitter Bootstrap CSS library, a fullscreen rotating background image, social media APIs built in, and much more.

Haeck Design offers a large selection of web services - including responsive web design, cms based solutions (drupal, joomla, wordpress, symphony, ghost), professional website development, and application development projects.

Our commitment is putting our experience to work and building an online home for your brand. We have many loyal Raleigh web design / development clients, but we also serve smart companies nation wide remotely. Please note that not all web design projects have been displayed, but additional can be provided if needed.
Avedon WordPress Theme | Mockup
Fuller Land and Development Website Mockup
EvalProvidence.com Website Mockup
Ed Mitchells Que | Mockup
Need a hand on your next project? We can put our experience to work for you.
A few recent clients...
  • Fuller Land and Development
    Raleigh, NC
  • Child Care Solutions
    Syracuse, NY
  • Picture that Photo
    Holly Springs, NC
  • Screaming for Vintage
    Pittsboro, NC
  • Hargrave Military Academy
    Chatham, VA
  • Club Firestone
    Orlando, FL