Logo Design & Logo Services

A thoughtfully constructed logo will epitomize your brand.

Every brand starts with a logo, but why not start with a logo that will need little attention for the next decade. Our logo services put beautiful, timeless designs within reach of any small business. Detail always matters and you should entrust your brand to a design firm whose history and methodology proves that they care about every detail - no matter how small.

There are two ways to make a logo - the discount way and the proper way. We dedicate all the experience and resources of our Raleigh logo design studio to make them the proper way.

What Logo Services Do We Offer?

  • Logo Services | Raleigh Logo Design

    Logo Services

    We take logos very seriously. They are the face of your company and we give them the attention they deserve. The logo design process is a combination of art and science, both of which deserve equal representation. Whether you're creating the foundation of your new brand, updating your look, or growing your identity, we keep all steps transparent and go above and beyond to explain what a client should expect prior to starting any work. It's understandable that most business owners don't have much experience in handling logo services, but we believe that doesn't mean it needs to be a difficult process.

  • Logo Refinement / Redesign

    Logo Refinement / Redesign

    A logo should grow and evolve with your company. Most of the time a logo refinement is so small that it's barely noticeable, but that doesn't mean it's not important. Keeping your look consistent with current trends gives a brand the ability to span time while retaining a brand identity. Proper logo refinement requires a careful approach and a detailed eye, which is what we provide our clients every single day.

  • Icon / Stamp Design

    Icon / Stamp Design

    Once your logo has been solidified, an important step in bridging the gap between a logo and brand is generating and disseminating an icon / stamp. Stamp design seeks to create a tangible icon that embodies the brand in a simple manner. Including your fully flushed logo is not always appropriate, but in those cases, you can still let the viewer know who is behind the message. With a solid icon, you'll do just that.

  • Identity Packages

    Identity Packages

    Brand identity packages seek to focus in on one true goal - Consistency. Establishing the exact colors, fonts, logos, icons, verbiage, textures, and layout all solidify the guidelines in which your brand is delivered. This is useful internally but also indicates to third-parties the manner in which your brand can be spread. Some may view identity packages as superfluous, but industry experience tells us that consistency in message and style increase the value of every marketing effort that follows.

How Our Logo Services Work

Since you're able to discuss approaches with an actual designer working in our Raleigh logo design studios, you'll have the ability to address each unique project with confidence. Haeck Design will get you a result that you can be proud of, in time, and on budget. The awards and growth are appreciated, but keeping our clients happy is what matters most. We believe every company deserves a beautifully constructed logo and working together, that's exactly what you'll get.

What Do Recent Clients Think?

Haeck Design designed a new logo for our non-profit. We have received rave reviews and can't wait to roll it out with a new website and marketing materials.

- Patrice Robinson - Child Care Solutions