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Logo Design Portfolio

  • Picture That Photo - Apex, NC | Logo Design
    Picture That PhotoLogo DesignApex, NCHaeck Design
  • Pulp - Tampa, FL | Logo Design
    PulpLogo DesignHaeck DesignTampa, FL
  • Kona Weekend - Maui, HI | Logo Design
    Kona WeekendLogo DesignHaeck DesignMaui, HI
  • Child Care Solutions - Syracuse, NY | Logo Design
    Child Care SolutionsLogo DesignHaeck DesignSyracuse, NY
  • BidAround - Raleigh, NC | Logo Design
    BidAroundLogo DesignHaeck DesignRaleigh, NC
  • The Black Flower - Raleigh, NC | Logo Design
    The Black FlowerLogo DesignHaeck DesignRaleigh, NC
  • InkLane Publishing - Raleigh, NC | Logo Design
    InkLane PublishingLogo DesignHaeck DesignRaleigh, NC
  • reDesigning Raleigh - Raleigh, NC | Logo Design
    reDesigning RaleighLogo DesignHaeck DesignRaleigh, NC
  • Chair Envy - Phoenix, AZ | Logo Design
    Chair EnvyLogo DesignHaeck DesignPhoenix, AZ
  • Coast Right Images - Raleigh, NC | Logo Design
    Coast Right ImagesLogo DesignHaeck DesignRaleigh, NC
  • Bon Eatery - Charlotte, NC | Logo Design
    Bon EateryLogo DesignHaeck DesignCharlotte, NC
  • Ed Mitchells Que - Durham, NC | Logo Design
    Ed Mitchell's QueLogo DesignHaeck DesignDurham, NC
  • SDDC - Durham, NC | Logo Design
    SDDCLogo DesignHaeck DesignDurham, NC
  • J Fuller Homebuilding - Raleigh, NC | Logo Design
    J Fuller HomebuildingLogo DesignHaeck DesignRaleigh, NC
  • Club Firestone - Orlando, FL | Logo Design
    Club FirestoneLogo DesignHaeck DesignOrlando, FL
  • Ellington Contractors - Wake Forest, NC | Logo Design
    Ellington ContractorsLogo DesignHaeck DesignWake Forest, NC
  • IES - Wake Forest, NC | Logo Design
    IESLogo DesignHaeck DesignWake Forest, NC
  • Haeck Design - Raleigh, NC | Logo Design
    Haeck DesignLogo DesignHaeck DesignRaleigh, NC
  • West Brothers - Durham, NC | Logo Design
    West BrothersLogo DesignHaeck DesignDurham, NC
  • Verdandi Health - Chapel Hill, NC | Logo Design
    Verdandi HealthLogo DesignHaeck DesignChapel Hill, NC
  • 606 Ultralounge - Raleigh, NC | Logo Design
    606 UltraloungeLogo DesignHaeck DesignRaleigh, NC
  • Parker Vivenzio Law - Fairfax, VA | Logo Design
    Parker Vivenzio LawLogo DesignHaeck DesignFairfax, VA
  • River Cross - Charlotte, NC | Logo Design
    River CrossLogo DesignHaeck DesignCharlotte, NC

Just a few of our previous logo design projects...

Haeck Design provides professional logo design, corporate identity design, and corporate branding in the Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill region of North Carolina.

Please note that not all logo design projects have been displayed, but additional can be provided if needed.

"Haeck Design creates incredible vector logos for business of any size. A logo is the face of your business, make sure you're giving it the attention it deserves."
Need a hand on your next project? We can put our experience to work for you.
A few recent clients...
  • Fuller Land and Development
    Raleigh, NC
  • Child Care Solutions
    Syracuse, NY
  • Picture that Photo
    Holly Springs, NC
  • Screaming for Vintage
    Pittsboro, NC
  • Hargrave Military Academy
    Chatham, VA
  • Club Firestone
    Orlando, FL