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Merch Design / Product Packaging

When approaching merch design & product packaging, quality is key.

Merch design requires strategic planning - after all, there are several variables to keep in mind. Since units are intended for sale, the cost must be a factor, but ultimately we aim to produce high end products that create brand loyalty and spread a positive message around the clock. It takes a unique mind, with a keen eye on budget, and a selection of options to really sell your company. We offer you that option and include our industry expertise at no additional charge.

What Merchandise Services Do We Suggest?

  • Merch Design and Product Packaging

    Merch Design & Product Packaging

    With over 10 years of industry experience, we provide our clients with a full spectrum of merch design options - such as sticker design, tshirt design, product packaging, custom coasters, drink couzys, and even embroidered shirts. If you're hoping to create top quality promotional materials, then you're in the right place!

  • Product Packaging

    Product Packaging

    All consumers choose to inspect or reject a product the moment they see it. That could mean in a catalog, on a shelf, on a website, or at a friends house. In all situations product packaging allows an item to speak volumes, while never conveying so much as a word. Quality packaging establishes a tone and defines the personality of a given product. It subconsciously tells buyers what they should expect and we work hard to set that expectation high, then allow the quality of the product to shine through.

  • Sticker Design

    Sticker Design

    Stickers are a time tested method of spreading your brand awareness. Sometimes they deliver a functional purpose - like a shipping sticker, but more often they appeal to dedicated consumer as a method of expressing brand loyalty. Basically, people who already like your brand want to tell others and high quality sticker design allows them to do just that without really asking a thing from them. The cost involved in production is far outweighed by the opportunity of allowing your audience to speak for you. It's one of those rare circumstances in marketing that is truly a win/win for both brand and consumer.

  • Tshirt Design

    Tshirt Design

    Tshirts are another classic method of spreading your brand. A timeless design makes the shirt both a valuable sales item and also a marketing satellite. Wherever it goes, it will be bring your company's good name with it. We work hard to ensure that you get the impact you want by producing a top quality tshirt design, printed in the united states on high end stock, and delivered to our clients with an impressive turnaround time.

  • Custom Coasters

    Custom Coasters

    Personalized custom coasters are a smart way of promoting events, commemorating special occasions, or endorsing a particular brand/product. Most commonly used as a free promotion, custom coasters offer a unique utilitarian function while also giving companies a great space in which to spread their message. Add some functional class to your marketing campaign with these little beauties and be amazed by the legs they'll give your message.

  • Embroidered Shirts / Hats

    Embroidered Shirts / Hats

    Custom embroidered polo shirts are the most popular products we sell. They are affordable and show off your corporate logo with style. With our patented embroidery process, you can buy a single shirt without a setup fee. We have 30 years experience producing custom embroidered corporate apparel. You can be sure that your embroidery project will come out looking great!

We Produce Merchandise That Establishes Your Brand

A variety of customized products are within any companies reach. All you need to do to get started is contact your favorite friendly design firm. Whether your products are for sale or freebies intended for promotion, Haeck Design can get you the materials you need to make your brand pop. Shoot us a message and let us know what you're looking to get done - We'll give you a few ideas to consider and let you know what type of merch designs we can create for you.

What Do Recent Clients Think?

Matthew has a wide range of experience in graphic design and marketing. Very creative and always eager to please his clients. Keep up the great work!

- Jake St. Peter - Dirigo Creative, Owner