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At Haeck Design we make high quality websites, logos, graphics, branding, and all sorts of creative marketing materials. We work from our home office in Raleigh, NC and reach out nationwide to show the world what makes your company stand out.

  • Top 10 Favorite Inspirational Websites
  • Stitch Wallpaper - Mac Wallpaper Mockup
  • What is Schema? Schema Microdata Tutorial
  • 10 Responsive Frameworks You Need - Bootstrap vs Gumby vs Foundation 4
  • Top 10 Favorite Inspirational Websites Inspiration comes in many forms - When it comes to design, These are our top 10 favorite inspirational websites.
  • Stitch Wallpaper This Stitch Wallpaper is a simple stitched Apple Icon... A Mac wallpaper tribute.
  • What is Schema? - A Schema Microdata Tutorial "What is Schema" is an important question for web developers. This Schema Microdata tutorial will answer that question for you and get you started on implementing it on your own website.
  • 10 Responsive Frameworks You Need Bootstrap vs Gumby vs Foundation - We take a look inside all the popular frameworks on the market and find the 10 Responsive Frameworks You Need.
  • Matthew designed a new logo for our non-profit. We have received rave reviews and cant wait to roll it out with a new website and marketing materials.
  • Matthew is an incredible designer that goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. He built an amazing website for the company I work for that exceeded all expectations.
  • Working with Haeck Design has been a pleasure. We look forward to bringing future projects their way!
  • We are so pleased with the work of Haeck Design. Matt really worked with us to create exactly what we wanted. He incorporated our ideas with his vision to create a user friendly and interactive website.

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  • Mike Jeaons
    Mike Jeaons
    Great design detail! I almost skipped past it till I noticed the stitchwork. Cheers.
  • Haeck Design
    Haeck Design
    Yes, just make sure you include the correct path (usually Computer/Users/Username/Desktop)
  • Peter Mottman
    Peter Mottman
    Can you put the root folder on your desktop and just use it that way?