• Our Team

The Haeck Design Development & Marketing Team

Our Raleigh Design Team Joins Forces with Select US-Based Remote Workers to Drive Our Clients Marketing Success.

Design, online marketing, and web development have always been dynamic fields. That’s why we have a team of graphic designers, copywriters, application programmers, and marketing specialists ready to address any project that requires their technical skills.

Our Core Creative Team

  • Matthew Haeck - Lead Designer & Full Stack Web Developer Matthew Haeck

    Lead Designer / Developer

  • Jenn Curtis - Project Manager & Client Management Jenn Curtis

    Project Management

  • Peter Mottman - Accounting / Analysis Peter Mottman

    Project Management

  • Natalie Berkman - Branding Consultant & Commercial Photographer Natalie Berkman

    Branding & Photography

  • Byron Smith - Copywriter
    Byron Smith


  • Liz Weida - SEO / Social Media
    Liz Weida

    SEO / Social Expert

Our Goal is to Create Top Shelf Design for Any Sized Business

By avoiding the classical overhead we're able to offer clients all the power of their own dedicated marketing team, without all the needless costs usually baked in. Learn more about our owner and design team to see how we provide clients the absolutely top-quality design services our clients demand. We aim to cover as much ground as possible with our core team. Sometimes a project does need a unique talent and that's why we keep some amazing specialists on call. Typography, Branding, Copywriting, Product Photography... These are all disparate niches that can garner more attention if needed.

More About Haeck Design
A Few of Our Recent Clients...
  • Triangle Builders Guild
    Raleigh, NC
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
    Las Vegas, NV
  • J. Fuller Homes
    Raleigh, NC
  • NC State University
    Raleigh, NC
  • Riley Contracting
    Cary, NC
  • Hargrave Military Academy
    Chatham, VA
  • Child Care Solutions
    Syracuse, NY
  • Fuller Land and Development
    Raleigh, NC
  • Club Firestone
    Orlando, FL