1. Our Team

Haeck Design Development & Marketing Team

Our Raleigh design team and remote workers that drive your success.

Design, online marketing, and web development have always been dynamic fields. That’s why we have a team of graphic designers, copywriters, application programmers, and marketing specialists ready to address any project that requires their technical skills.

  • Matthew Haeck

    Matthew Haeck

    Lead Designer / Developer

  • Jenn Curtis | Project Management

    Jenn Curtis

    Project Management

  • Peter Mottman | Accounting / Analysis

    Peter Mottman

    Accounting / Analysis

  • Natalie Berkman | Branding / Merch

    Natalie Berkman

    Branding / Merch

  • Byron Smith | Wordsmith

    Byron Smith


  • Liz Weida | SEO / Social Expert

    Liz Weida

    SEO / Social Expert

  • Andie Horan | Client Manager

    Andie Horan

    Client Manager

  • Client Support |  Tech Support


    Client / Product Support

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Top Shelf Design for any Budget

By avoiding the classical overhead we're able to offer clients all the power of their own dedicated marketing team, without all the needless costs usually baked in. Learn more about our owner and design team to see how we provide clients the absolutely top-quality design services our clients demand.

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