GUI Elements | Volume Two - Normy

GUI Elements | Volume Two - Normy

An incredible collection of user interface elements.

Whether you're constructing mock-ups to address usability or are simply a psd collector, it has never been more important to have a variety of user interface elements to select from.

Custom designed ui elements are a must and that's why most designers (that take web ui seriously) have a nice little collection of psd graphics on their hard-drive. A useful psd of a gui interface can be easily modified to fit the theme of your current project… and that's why we decided to post the latest web interface file we've been working from here at HaeckDesign. Simple, clean, easily customizable… all words that ring happily in designer's ears.

If you like the design elements, please share on the socials (w/ a link if possible) and if you want to modify the ux work in any way, feel free (as it holds a "share-and-share-alike" license).

GUI Elements - Normy Download
Written By: Haeck Design Raleigh, NC

Haeck Design was founded in 1999 in Raleigh, NC. They're a small, responsive design firm dedicated to creating high quality websites, logos, graphics, branding, print, and marketing materials all with a unique/minimal approach.

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