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CSS3 Transition-Delay

CSS3 Transition-Delay

Getting familiar with one of new CSS3 tricks of the trade...

Although it’s currently only fully compatible with webkit browsers like Safari or Google Chrome, transition-delay does look poised to make the jump to cross-platform bliss.

In this example, I’ll be swapping 4 layers (.dl1 thru .dl4) sequentially with an absolute position. When you hover, each layer sequentially fades away with .5 second delay. If you have even a little creativity in your core, you'll easily see all the perks this CSS3 trick will allow you...

Here's the CSS from my example:

.hd1, .hd2, .hd3, .hd4 {
    top: 0;
    opacity: 1;
    -transition-property: opacity;
    -webkit-transition-duration: .4s;
.hd1 { background: url(/1.png); }
.hd2 { background: url(/2.png); }
.hd3 { background: url(/3.png); }
.hd4 { background: url(/4.png); }
.hd1 { -webkit-transition-delay: 1.5s; }
.hd2 { -webkit-transition-delay: 1s; }
.hd3 { -webkit-transition-delay: .5s; }
.hd1:hover { -webkit-transition-delay: .5s; }
.hd2:hover { -webkit-transition-delay: 1s; }
.hd3:hover, .hd2:hover,.hd1:hover{opacity: 0; }
.hd3:hover { -webkit-transition-delay: 1.5s; }

Like a lot of other CSS3 rules, you'll need to do a little extra work to ensure cross-platform computability.

transition-delay: 2s;
-moz-transition-delay: 2s; /* Firefox */
-webkit-transition-delay: 2s; /* Safari - Chrome */
-o-transition-delay: 2s; /* Opera */
-khtml-transition-delay: 2s; /* Konqueror */

...for instance, will eventually boil down to...

transition-delay: 2s;

...once everything becomes "official". In the meantime, just take the extra time to ensure cross platform compatibility and start letting your imagination run on all the possibilities toying with time will allow your design.

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