How Vimeo Beats YouTube - Vimeo vs YouTube

In the battle of Vimeo vs YouTube, we generally prefer to use an unlikely choice.

Another addition to our "Web Standards" section is one that has been in line for a while. The battle of Vimeo vs YouTube has raged on for years, and although the content isn't always there - we tend to prefer using Vimeo... and this is why.

Vimeo is focused on quality

The small reasons that kept us from completely vouching for Vimeo in the classic "Vimeo vs Youtube" battle have finally been addressed. With the addition of the new iPhone app, Vimeo has proven their commitment to remaining at the forefront of web based video and we couldn't be happier. Some quirky aspects of their website (the login, motion background.. etc.) have proven to be by choice and not inability... and as designers we really respect that.

Vimeo Screenshot - Vimeo vs Youtube

YouTube certainly has the volume game wrapped up at this point. Although Google will always favor them in results, in terms of quality we really prefer Vimeo's approach. So - that said, we must be clear... In the battle of Vimeo vs YouTube they're is no better video site on the internet than Vimeo.

Why Vimeo Rocks

Simply put, Vimeo is the home for videos you create. We offer the best tools and the highest quality video in the Universe. Here's a little taste of the great features you can take advantage of.

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  • Title: How Vimeo Beats YouTube - Vimeo vs YouTube
  • Summary: In the battle of Vimeo vs YouTube, capital may not win out. It would be an uphill battle, but this is how Vimeo beats YouTube.
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