20+ Free iPhone PSD and iPad Mockup PSDs

Free mockups usually lack in quality, but this collection of iOS Mockups (including iPhone psd & iPad Mockup psds) will give you all of the quality at none of the price.

One of the trickier points of being a web designer is conveying your idea to an existing or potential client. Business owners are generally not a "creative" sort - Visualizing leans right brain, whereas business acumen leans left. In the web design field an entire industry has sprung up around this issue - That solution being a high-quality Mockup PSD.

This solution is obviously not perfect, but it bridges the gap quite a bit. You'll still need to put a little time into fleshing out a rough mockup, but it sure beats the alternative. With that in mind, we've scoured the internet to find the best free mockup PSDs currently available. If you're looking for a top-shelf iPad mockup PSD, iPad Air mockup, or even the brand new iPhone psd mockup - you're in the right place!

Favorite Free Mockups

  • iOS Photorealistic Mockups

    iOS Photorealistic Mockups

    One of our favorite renderings is provided by the talented team at Oxygenna. It includes four mockups carefully resting on top of real photos. Each include Smart Layers as well as Photo Filters (which is a really nice addition!). Highly Recommended.

  • iPad & iPhone PSD Mockup - Dooca

    iPad & iPhone PSD Mockup Collection

    Hosted on the insanely useful Behance network, this iPhone and iPad mockup collection was created by Studio Busy. It features multiple free PSDs in an office setting that are high-res enough for any discerning eye.

  • iPad Air Mockup Templates

    iPad Air Mockup

    This uniquely configured iPad Air Mockup is useful for both horizontal and vertical display. The light peach background is a nice ouch and the quality of the rendering leaves little to be desired. Created by Tom McKay and hosted on Dribbble.

    Link Download
  • iPad GUI PSD | Teehanlax

    iPad GUI PSD | Teehanlax

    If there were a Mockup Hall-of-Fame - this rendering would be the first inducted. The folks over at Teehanlax were WAY ahead of the curve with this. This PSD gives you all the Apple UX options out there, allowing infinite customization options. The hilarious "tounge in cheek" delivery aside, there is really no better option for displaying iOS apps. Highly Recommended.

  • iPhone 6 / 6+ Mockup

    iPhone 6 / 6+ Mockup

    Produced within days of release from the team at Wellgraphics, the turnaround alone deserves commendation. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ are rendered in both white and black to pixel perfection. I'm sure more will be released soon, but when it's done right the first time - I don't see the need.

  • iPad Photo MockUp | ShowItBetter

    iPad Photo MockUp

    This iPad rendering delivers on the classic "business guy holding iPad" theme. The quality is amazing and the "Smart Layer" usage makes it a snap to customize. It was constructed by ShowItBetter and is hosted on GraphicBurger (An oddly named resource site, that has an incredible amount of useful tools).

    Link Download
  • iPad Blank

    iPad Blank

    This killer layered iPad was created by GovectorZ and is hosted on DeviantArt. This iPad PSD is ideal for close-ups and doesn't have a background image (in case you're going "super clean" with your mockup).

  • iPad and Paper Stack Icon | 365psd

    iPad Mini Isometric PSD

    Nothing says business like an isometric iPad mini free PSD. It's featured at freeimages.com which honestly has an AMAZING collection of useful PSDs if you aren't familiar with their work.

  • iPad Air Psd Vector Mockup

    iPad Air Psd Vector

    This iPad Air mockup PSD features two perfectly vertical options that belong in any designer's library. It's offered on Pixeden and offers a "clean cut" approach that is ideal for most any project.

  • iPad Mockup PSD | Max Linderman

    iPad Mockup PSD

    Another score from the talented pool of designers over at Dribbble. This top quality mockup features 3 views and is also available in black. It was created by Max Linderman who also features some awesome logo work on his Dribbble page (if you're in to that sort of thing... which we are).

  • Apple iPad Air Mockup PSD

    Apple iPad Air Mockup

    The good folks over at Wellgraphic have posted this Apple iPad Air for your use. The definition is very high, it features both black & white versions, and has a blank background which can suite simple customization for you tinkerers out there.

  • Free iPad Mockups | Xaop

    Free iPad Mockups

    This iPad mockup PSD was created by Xaop and is perfect for you minimalists out there. It features a slight angle and a perfectly sparse white background. Hosted on Dribbble and Highly Recommended!

  • iPad Side View | 365psd

    iPad Side View

    This iPad mockup features a unique perspective and is delivered courtesy of 365psd. The side view is tough to find and with the quality this PSD offers, you frankly won't need to look for another.

  • Free iPad White Angle PSD

    Free iPad White Angle PSD

    This angled white iPad PSD was created by Joe Mortell and is hosted on Dribbble. It works great for a horizontal perspective and features a grey blurred background to keep your eye in the right spot.

  • iPad Psd Flat Mockup

    iPad Psd Flat Mockup

    I needed to include one "Flat" option - so why not choose the best? This flat iPad PSD covers all the basics including smart layers, multiple colors, and both horizontal and vertical orientations. Delivered with love from Pixeden.

  • iPhone/iPad PSD Mockup - Tanya Suhodolska

    iPhone/iPad PSD

    These iOS mockup PSDs feature a clean interior background and both black & white versions of each device. Posted on Behance and featuring the creator's (Tanya Suhodolska) hands in each shot. ...Just in case you were curious... weirdo.

  • Psd iPad Air Perspective Mockup

    iPad Air Perspective Mockup

    This iPad Air Mockup PSD features an isometric view and high quality rendering from front to back. It includes both a white/silver and black/grey combo as well as "smart layer" usage to easily showcase any project. Hosted by Pixeden which offers a few great options.

  • iPad Mini Psd | Matt D. Smith

    iPad Mini Psd

    This tough to find iPad Mini mockup was built by Matt D. Smith and is hosted on Dribbble. The quality is top notch and the clean delivery makes this a must for any web designer or PSD collector alike. Highly Recommended.

  • iPad Air Mockup

    iPad Air Mockup

    This iPad Air PSD covers the basic requirements and is offered from Tempees.com. Nothing overly flashy here, just a solid rendering that allows easy customization for tinkerers.

  • Responsive Device Mock-ups

    Responsive Device Mocks

    This free iPhone and iPad Mockup PSD offers a great approach to getting both displays in one image. It even manages to up the "classy factor" by including the MBP in the background. Offered and hosted by PSDBoom (...you know, like the dynamite).


All resources are provided courtesy of the authors they're linked with, so if you find any particularly useful - Be sure to show them some love! These kinds of resources usually help make designers money, so it's only right to return the favor (buy their other products or donate a couple bucks).

Always On The Lookout for More Amazing iOS PSD's

If you've found another awesome free iOS mockup psd, please feel free to leave it in the comments below. As always - Thanks for stopping by and we always appreciate you spreading some social love if you've found this post useful!

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