Wish you were more aware of all the incredible things around you? With Foursquare, you can unlock your world.

Very few apps make the existing world more fun then it already is... but Foursquare is probably the most notable exception. All it takes is a few easy steps and we guarantee you will be having more fun - almost immediately.

Get Started with the Foursquare App Basics

  • Step 1: Find friends Download the Foursquare app to your cell phone and instantly link to your address book and Facebook and Twitter accounts to discover where your friends are hanging out. See if they’re near you by looking at where they’ve recently checked in. If you are awesome - you could always be friends with our founder (link below).

  • Step 2: Check in Tell your friends where you are by checking in at one of the thousands of places Foursquare lists automatically based on your GPS location. Leave tips on special features you find around town and don’t skimp on the details: inside information is one of Foursquare’s best features. If the place you’re at isn’t listed, you can add it to Foursquare.

  • Step 3: Learn tips Check out tips from your friends and from the hundreds of thousands of other users — find recommendations on your specific location or suggestions for things to do — or avoid — nearby.

  • Step 4: Get out The more you use Foursquare, the more you’ll get out of it. Unlock badges and earn points based on where, when, and how often you check in — see how many you can rack up in any given month, and check out your stats at

  • Step 5: Gain power Check in at a location more than anyone else and become the mayor — you don’t get a key to the city, but you might get rewards from certain businesses just for being a loyal customer. Even if you’re not the mayor, look out for specials offered to Foursquare users.

  • Step 6: Use it everywhere Use Foursquare wherever you go — in museums, at airports, on public transportation, during concerts — you never know when you might come across a little preplanned serendipity.

Get Started With The Foursquare App Today

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  • Summary: Understanding the Foursquare App basics gives you access to data for all the best restaurants, nightlife, and attractions in any area you chose.
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