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Hello My Name Is Nametag PSD

Hello My Name Is Nametag PSD

Get your name out with this Hello My Name Is Nametag. This free download is available as a layered PSD, PDF & Icon.

We constructed a simple "Hello My Name is Nametag" for a recent project and figured that we may as well make it available to all of our loyal visitors. This layered PSD is a free download and should be useful tool for any designers looking for a quality nametag for either Photoshop or print.

Hello My Name Is Nametag PSD / PDF / Icon | Closeup

Hello My Name Is Nametag PSD

An Easily Editable Hello My Name is Icon

The "Hello My Name Is" nametag psd is modeled to look like a standard Avery nametag. It has a blue background, is saved as a standard .psd, and was built with Photoshop CS3. An AI vector version is available, just request one in the comments below w/ your email and I'll fwd you the link. Otherwise, feel free to download the layered PSD using the link below and feel free to use in any way you wish. As always - Sharing on social networks would be very much appreciated! Hopefully this will save someone the time it took me to make one from scratch.

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