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Make Custom Facebook Fanpages

Make Custom Facebook Fanpages

Do you have Facebook fanpage envy? Get over it with this simple 7 step tutorial.

Have a Facebook fanpage you'd like to make stand out from the crowd? We'll show you how to utilize Facebook's own version of html (fbml) to easily make custom Facebook fanpages.

Download the Files

Download the Zip (below) to get all the files required. All you really need is access to a host account to hold your images (of course, you could sneak your way around that by using free image hosting sites). Follow these steps and have a new sexy Facebook fanpage up and running in no time.


  • 1. Download the Attached .Zip file
  • 2. In Facebook, Find an application called "Static FBML"
  • 3. Add it to the fanpage you'd like to use it on
  • 4. Click on "Go to App" to edit the settings (code) for your page
  • 5. Read setup.txt (in zip). Edit the code.txt w/ a simple text editor
  • 6. Insert the code into Facebook's FBML field
  • 7. View, adjust as needed, and set as your default landing page.

Now Enjoy!

That wasn't as bad as you thought was it? If you've found this tutorial useful share it! If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Facebook Custom Fanbox

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