Save Ferris Wallpaper

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Ferris Bueller, You're my hero.

Save Ferris Wallpaper

This months wallpaper celebrates the Bueller gang's artistic eye, while remaining clean and uncluttered for us OCD types. Popular monitor sizes along with Retina (and non-Retina) versions for iPad and iPhone wallpapers all included.

Put simply, Ferris Bueller is everything I aspired to be as a child and Ferris Buellers Day Off remains one of my favorite movies to this day. This months wallpaper shows the key players in the ferris bueller cast. Ferris, Sloane, and Cameron.... Ah, the 80's we're a much simpler time weren't they?


Use the download button below and deck out all your devices with the classy, inspirational, and timeless awesomeness that is... The Save Ferris Wallpaper. If you like it - share it and if you don't, send all your complaints to Abe Froman.... The sausage king of Chicago.

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