Stitch Wallpaper

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This Stitch Wallpaper is a simple stitched Apple Icon... A Mac wallpaper tribute.

Stitch Wallpaper

This months submission - Stitch Wallpaper is simple, wintery in color, and a great way to coordinate your new tech gear ...especially since Santa is gonna be late with the new MacPro's.

Since it's getting cold and time to replenish the tech gear... I figured a simple Apple Icon would do. That seemed a bit cold though, so I stitched it like an old school sweater. I added a little texture and light. I placed all that above a winter blue, that didn't feel to chilly and voila - This months Mac wallpaper.

I've included standard, Retina, and Parallax versions so you can sync all your iOS devices. Give em a try and let me know what you think...


If you have any ideas for next months wallpaper, feel free to leave that below. If you like - Share it with your people and give Haeck Design a little social love!

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    Matthew Haeck
    Matthew Haeck

    Matthew Haeck is the lead designer and developer at Haeck Design. His educational background in both Graphic Design and Economics prepared him perfectly to operate the design firm which bares his name. When not working, Matthew enjoys curating his growing vinyl collection, hitting the beach, and supporting his beloved hometown of Raleigh, NC.

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  • Mike Jeaons
    Mike Jeaons
    07 February 2014 at 02:14

    Great design detail! I almost skipped past it till I noticed the stitchwork. Cheers.


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