Stitch Wallpaper

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This Stitch Wallpaper is a simple stitched Apple Icon... A Mac wallpaper tribute.

Stitch Wallpaper

This months submission - Stitch Wallpaper is simple, wintery in color, and a great way to coordinate your new tech gear ...especially since Santa is gonna be late with the new MacPro's.

Since it's getting cold and time to replenish the tech gear... I figured a simple Apple Icon would do. That seemed a bit cold though, so I stitched it like an old school sweater. I added a little texture and light. I placed all that above a winter blue, that didn't feel to chilly and voila - This months Mac wallpaper.

I've included standard, Retina, and Parallax versions so you can sync all your iOS devices. Give em a try and let me know what you think...


If you have any ideas for next months wallpaper, feel free to leave that below. If you like - Share it with your people and give Haeck Design a little social love!

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  • Mike Jeaons
    Mike Jeaons
    07 February 2014 at 02:14

    Great design detail! I almost skipped past it till I noticed the stitchwork. Cheers.

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