Content is King

Content is King

The first rule of online content is Content is King. Providing quality content helps create a remarkable user experience.

There are tons of tricks that web content professionals rely on to tease traffic numbers. There is however one truth that outweighs them all - If you provide high quality content, the traffic will take care of itself.

Managing a websites content can be a tricky job. Dealing with link building, content creation, editing, etc. can get to be a headache. That's why it's very important to keep a few valuable lessons in mind - One such lesson is that "Content is King".

Providing Quality Content

The algorithms that run modern search engines change over time, but some of the trends are easy to spot. One trend is that of favoring original quality content. Volume has become less and less important and any web professional will vouch that there is NO reason to imagine that trend will change.

Your websites goal should be to serve as an expert in a particular field. Once you have built your expertise, the rest of the struggle is really straightforward... and a lot of "spreading your message" will be done for you by others who respect your expertise.

Presentation Matters

I don't want all of this focus on content to have you believe that appearance doesn't matter... it does. But when faced with a choice of providing useful information or supplying good looking information, you should ALWAYS choose leaning towards the quality content.


Content is the weapon you give your website and there is simply no weapon more useful then unique content. Whether your goal is to build traffic or simply gain credibility in your field, put your time into the words on your website and you will never be disappointed.

Written By: Jenn Curtis - Jenn Curtis is an Atlanta based design specialist with an amazing talent for managing clients and design teams alike. Her detail-oriented nature compliments her SCAD schooling, to create a powerhouse of project management. Off the clock Jenn enjoys camping, endless hours of triatholon training, and a healthy bit of travel almost exclusely oriented around seeing the great museums of the world. (About Jenn Curtis)
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