A Modern Eden

A Modern Eden produces well designed and thoughtful toddler applications.

There remains a conflict in exposing our children to technology. How young is too young? While thoughts of tweens wandering the streets with iPhones haunts your mind, let me introduce you to A Modern Eden. Finally - a company who uses mobile devices for stimulating developmental instructors.

Building the Best Apps for Toddlers

When the A Modern Eden team started to look around online for well designed learning apps, they found a severe lack of options. So they did what all good teams do, they started a company to address that vacuum.

"The great man is he that does not lose his child's heart,” a wise soul once said."
A Modern Eden - iPhone App

Speak, Piggy! App

Speak, Piggy! is an educational application that gives the animals in the A Modern Eden universe their voice. Oinks, quacks, moos, and barks. This app teaches children the animals, how to spell their names, and the different places that they live.

Kids Posters

These high quality 18” x 24” posters are screen-printed with 5 colors and printed on 100lb paper. Henry the Lion, Presley the Peacock, and Webster the Frog are currently available for purchase with more to come.

Teaching Flashcards

Kids will love using A Modern Eden Flashcards to learn animals. The set contains 20 amazingly illustrated animals with the name of each underneath. The cards are also produced with Digi-touch technology in mind, creating a tactile learning experience kids.

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  • Summary: Looking for the best apps for toddlers? A Modern Eden produces the highest quality, thoughtfully designed toddler applications ever created.
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