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A Modern Eden

A Modern Eden

A Modern Eden produces well designed and thoughtful toddler applications.

There remains a conflict in exposing our children to technology. How young is too young? While thoughts of tweens wandering the streets with iPhones haunts your mind, let me introduce you to A Modern Eden. Finally - a company who uses mobile devices for stimulating developmental instructors.

When the A Modern Edan team started to look around online for well designed learning apps, they found a severe lack of options. So they did what all good teams do, they started a company to address that vacuum.

The great man is he that does not lose his child's heart,” a wise soul once said.

A Modern Eden - iPhone App


Speak, Piggy! is an educational application that gives the animals in the A Modern Eden universe their voice. Oinks, quacks, moos, and barks. This app teaches children the animals, how to spell their names, and the different places that they live.

A Modern Eden Posters


These high quality 18” x 24” posters are screen-printed with 5 colors and printed on 100lb paper. Henry the Lion, Presley the Peacock, and Webster the Frog are currently available for purchase with more to come.

A Modern Eden - Flash Cards


Kids will love using A Modern Eden Flashcards to learn animals. The set contains 20 amazingly illustrated animals with the name of each underneath. The cards are also produced with Digi-touch technology in mind, creating a tactile learning experience kids.

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