Simple Garden

The Simple Garden is a perfect addition to any home (or home office) that could use a little more oxygen and life.

The Simple Garden is a product brought to you by a company called Fertile Earth. Fertile Earth specializes in creating products that make landscaping and plant care tasks easier, more cost effective and earth friendly. Nothing exemplifies that motto more than this product.

The Simple Garden System

The Simple Garden System provides everything you need to start your own garden. The Simple Garden combines the principles of high density gardening with a contemporary designed modular planter, creating a product that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. Currently available in 9 colors, it fits anywhere indoor or outdoor. All you have to do is add water and in no time, you'll have some great plants!

More Tiny Garden Ideas

There are also some accessories that we recommend you checking out. The Lite Stick and the Water Stik are great additions to your existing plants or a good way of turning a beginner looking to plant their own herbs/veggies, into an actual gardener. I originally ran across this product because I have a bad habit of killing almost any plant I adopt. Even my anti-green thumb is no stop for The Simple Garden and that's why we love it.

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  • Title: Simple Garden
  • Summary: The Simple Garden is one of the most ingenious tiny garden ideas currently available. It adds life to any home or office in no time.
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