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Square App - Mobile Credit Card Reader

Square App - Mobile Credit Card Reader

Payment processing that turns your mobile device into a credit card processing powerhouse.

Let me hit the basic points. Square App - Mobile Credit Card Reader is a FREE credit card reader for any iOS or Android handheld. Yes - that includes iPhones or even iPod touch! You can setup your account in mere minutes and POOF - a few days later check your mail and they'll be a nice little package with the tiny (roughly inch x inch) mag strip reader.

All you do is plug it into your phone's 1/8" outlet (where your headphones usually plug in) and login to the free Square App. It's literally that simple and amazingly enough - it's completely safe and secure. It is just like you were ordering a pizza or coffee - you even have the option of emailing the purchaser a receipt... with is certainly a nice touch. Having said my part and ensuring that I fully support this product, hhere are the details...

Square App at a glance...

Square App - Mobile Credit Card Reader

Square App - Mobile Credit Card Reader is the easiest way to accept credit cards for most any small business. It’s easy to use and comes with it's own free credit card reader. Sign-up is a snap. No contracts or monthly fees, just a 2.75% static service fee. Download the free app from the Android Market or iTunes App Store and get started.

  • Simple Checkout

    Transform your iPad into an elegant point of sale. Customize it with wallpaper photos, prices, and categories. Now you can accept cash and credit cards easily.

  • Receipts Included

    After a transaction, let customers sign directly on the screen and choose if they want an email or text receipt. Customers can also add a tip if needed.

  • Connect with Customers

    Let your customers set up a tab from their phone and pay with their name.

  • Track Your Business

    Know how many widgets you sell each day. Download reports that give you analytic tracking of your sales and inventory.

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