The Clocky Alarm Clock

Web geeks require some tricks in the morning... meet the Clocky Alarm Clock.

Can't wake up? You're not alone. Stats show that 40% of people 'abuse' the snooze. Typical alarm clocks just don't work well... but that's where the Clocky alarm clock comes in. Because if you really think about it - what could possibly be more annoying then an alarm clock that runs away from you in the morning?

Worlds Best Morning Alarm

The Clocky Alarm Clock runs away and hides if you don't get right out of bed. When the alarm sounds, Clocky will wait for you to get up. But if you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand (from 4 feet), and run around your room, determined to get you up on time. Clocky's a little innovative and a lot of charming. Available in Aqua, Almond, Raspberry, Coco, and even a special Chrome edition. Isn't that what everyone should be waking up next to?

Buy Your Clocky Alarm Today

Clocky Alarm Clock $39 Clocky Alarm Clock - Chrome $45
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  • Title: The Clocky Alarm Clock
  • Summary: Waking up can be hard. If you're a heavy sleeper looking for the best morning alarm on the market, The Clocky is the only answer.
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