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Terminal Icon Vector AI & PSD

Terminal Icon Vector AI & PSD

This Terminal Icon Vector is a beautiful rendering of everyone's favorite Apple command line application. This free Terminal icon download is fully customizable and available as either a Terminal vector or layered PSD for any graphic designers out there.

High quality icons are a necessity for designers, which is why you'll find many obsessive graphic designers collecting vectors like they do records. While working on a project our team was tasked with creating a vector icon of everyone's favorite command line program - Terminal. The resulting Terminal icon vector is a pixel perfect representation of Apple's own design which is available as a free download to collectors and newbies alike. Whether you need a Terminal icon for another project or you're looking to customize your own, this free terminal icon should more then exceed the requirements of even the most OCD designer.

Terminal Icon Vector - Preview

Terminal Icon Vector AI and PSD

Customize Your Own Terminal Icon

The Terminal application is one of those developer favorites that's been overlooked for years. It can be intimidating to look at a basic prompt, but when you begin to learn a few functions you'll start to wonder how you ever lived without it. Since we have an upcoming series of terminal tutorials (starting with Optimizing Development Workflows), we needed to create a high quality Terminal icon vector to use around the office. We put some time into constructing a nice version, so we figured we might as well save some of our designer friends a little time if they run into a similar situation. If you're opposed to vectors, we've included a layered Terminal Icon PSD for you. We've also used this Terminal vector to make our own custom app icon, which shows fellow developers just how intense of tinkerers we are ;)

Download Your Terminal Vector or PSD

If you like this Terminal icon vector please feel free to share with the buttons below. If you have ideas on how to make an even sweeter Terminal icon, please feel free to hit us up on your favorite social website. If you like this free Terminal icon, please tell some friends and as always - Thanks for stopping by!

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