Be Frank Wallpaper

Be Frank Wallpaper

Our Frank Lloyd Wright desktop wallpaper is a tribute to a great man and an absolute design legend. You should Be Frank. …we all should.

Frank Lloyd Wright is an American hero and an undisputed idol to almost every design minded person I know. This Frank Lloyd Wright desktop wallpaper is an homage to this legend and features one of his most insightful and timeless quotes - The truth is more important then the facts.

Frank Lloyd Wright Desktop Wallpaper | Mockup

Be Frank - The Frank Lloyd Wright Desktop Wallpaper | Mockup

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Frank Lloyd Wright is arguably the single greatest American architect ever, but narrowing him to that title ignores his breadth of work. Taking a look at Frank Lloyd Wright's history quickly shows that interior design, engineering, education, and community planning were also directly in his wheel-house. On a personal level, the reason Frank Lloyd Wright inspires so many artists is his undaunted attention to detail. While it could be due to his slightly stubborn nature, his ability to tell a client when they're reached their input limit is a pristine example of his aesthetic integrity. His work history is dotted with several falling outs with clients which really just amounted to him refusing to compromise and produce sub-par work. Whether designing lamp fixtures or debating color schemes, Frank would always fight for a timeless aesthetic which makes his homes so desired to this day. Personally, my favorite aspect of his character was his constant growth. You can actually watch his style and standards grow simply by observing his project timeline.

Frank Lloyd Wright is a Design Legend. Be Frank.

His style lives on in the design community and the Be Frank Wallpaper is a celebration of that. His life was proof that you can stick to your guns and as long as you work harder, you'll be able to succeed. The quote we've chosen to include The truth is more important then the facts should be a consistent reminder to respect and chase the absolute truth, not small facts. Use the button below to download this Frank Lloyd Wright desktop wallpaper. If you like it, please feel free to share it and as always - Thanks for stopping by!

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