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Do you love icons as much as we do? is a great resource to keep all the icons you could possible need right at the click of a button.

As its name suggests, is an icon search engine helps you find quality free icons. They have the largest searchable free icons database in the world and a filtering and result matching system that make finding any icon a snap! Whether you'd like some updated desktop icons or just a few free icons to download for an upcoming project - findicons is well worth the visit!

Your Own Icon Database

This service was built from scratch - the icon database, the backend code, the frontend design and even the mascots. There were previously a ton of existing icon that could be found on your favorite search engine, but many times Google Images would just point you to premium icon sets that are only accessible for purchase. This can be obnoxious, because many times you only need one or two... Not a whole set.

Get Your Free Icons From Today

So... as previously mentioned, has the largest free icon collections, a better search filtering & matching system then the competition, and more output options then you'll ever need. The site tracks every search query then manually adjust the results according to the average ratings set by the search results from other users. With a new User Set tool to allow you group frequently used icons from their free database into into your own personal "Favorites Box" (which can be accessed from anywhere), you now have an alternative option to having to put favorite icons into bloated folders on your hard drive (or drives if you're anything like me).

Here's a quick sampling to give you a taste: Firefox Icons | File Icons | Love Icons | Server Icons

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  • Summary: Love icons as much as we do? is a solid icon database that keeps all your icons at the click of a button.
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