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Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager

One simple plugin makes handling your Wordpress user access a snap...

Advanced Access Manager is an extremely powerful and flexible Access Control tool developed exclusively for WordPress. When you need to assign privileges to specific users (allowing registered users to view certain content for instance) - there is simply no better "plug-and-play" option on the market.

Developed by the geniuses over at Whimba (with a little GUI touchup work by yours truly) - AAM is the only WordPress Access Manager you'll ever need... Just try it out once and you'll get hooked.

Here's a list of some of the features you can perform

  • Filter Widgets
  • Filter Admin Menu
  • Manage Comments
  • Manage Admin Menu Order
  • Exclude Front-end Pages from Navigation
  • Manage Capabilities (Create, Delete)
  • Filter Admin Panel
  • Filter Metaboxes
  • Give the ability to promote Users
  • Manage User Roles (Create, Edit, Delete)
  • Manage Access to your Posts, Pages or even Custom Post Types
  • Manage other Administrators
AAM WordPress Plugin Screenshot

Check out the links below to take it for a test-drive, then drop a couple bucks for the Premium version - You'll be glad you did!

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