Triangle Ghost Theme

The Triangle Ghost Theme is a clean & responsive theme built for Ghost CMS. This minimal Ghost theme features a UIKit core, responsive layout, fixed menu, Disqus comments, slick animations and much more.

A triangle perfectly represents something that's both structurally solid and able to reach high in a given area. Using the Triangle Ghost Theme leaves the focal point up to you, delivers the clean code, and makes expansion a breeze. Built with a bulletproof UIKit foundation and tons of Javascript effects, the flexibility is quite extensive. It's a fantastic starting point for advanced web developers and the clean layout makes it perfect for designers that like to grow their style organically over time.

What Makes a Solid Responsive Ghost Theme?

First and foremost - We kept it simple. Like many themes, this project started as an "in-house" time saver. With an influx of recent Ghost projects, we thought it'd be a good idea to generate a skeleton that could save us (and clients) a few hours in the development process. The result is a beautiful fully responsive Ghost theme, that's open source and available as a free download to an of our visitors.

Here's What We Came Up With...
Triangle Ghost Theme - Page Layout

Meet the Triangle Ghost Theme

We started by including the features most Ghost projects require. A well placed feature image, a custom font, social sharing buttons, Disqus comments, a sticky navbar, and a few custom layout options seemed like a good place to start. The result - a cleanly coded, lightening quick responsive Ghost theme.

Theme Demo

UIKit and Ghost - Triangle Ghost Theme

One Sexy UIKit Ghost Theme

Ghost was devised with simplicity in mind, just like one of our favorite CSS libraries UIKit - So we knew they'd pair together well. The combination gave us more layout options then we could hope for. CSS3 & Javascript add some subtle flair and together give this UIKit Ghost theme an endless world of possibilities.

About UIKit
Triangle Ghost Theme - Mockup

A Minimal Ghost Theme with Tons of Features

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Single Column Layout
  • Social Sharing icons
  • Responsive Media
  • HTML5 Structure
  • Font Based Icons
  • Disqus Comments
  • Fancy Javascript Effects
  • Ghost Customizations
  • SEO Tuned
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Lightning Fast
Enough Features to Shame Most Free Blog Themes

The completed theme is completely table-less, requires no images, is seo friendly, tests crazy fast (Pingdom Speed Test), uses only 2 CSS & JS files, is HTML5 valid (W3 Validator Test), and cross-compatible on every major browser. Navigation, sharing buttons, tabs, icons, alerts, overlays, forms, animations, dropdowns, modals, toggles... it's all in there. Just follow the simple documentation and you're off at a sprinters pace. It's currently running my personal blog (Matthew Haeck - Personal Blog) if you'd like to see it in action. It's nothing fancy of course, but it should give you an idea of what a well coded minimal Ghost theme and about 15 minutes of customization can get you.

If you have any suggestions, please drop them by our Github support page. We also have a post highlighting a variety of other Amazing Free Ghost Themes if you're looking for a different feel. If you do like our Triangle Ghost Theme, please feel free to send some beer money or share some love on your favorite social. As always - Thank you very much for stopping by.

Triangle Ghost Theme by Haeck Design is released under a MIT License.

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