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20+ Free iPhone PSD and iPad Mockup PSDs

Free mockups usually lack in quality, but this collection of iOS Mockups (including iPhone psd & iPad Mockup psds) will give you all of the quality at none of the price.

One of the trickier points of being a web designer is conveying your idea to an existing or potential client. Business owners are generally not a "creative" sort - Visualizing leans right brain, whereas business acumen leans left. In the web design field an entire industry has sprung up around this issue - That solution being a high quality Mockup PSD.

The Source Code Resources for Web Pros

We've compiled the source code resources for web development's top web professionals. All house fantastic snippets of various languages that make it easy to view, sort, and download website source code.

One of the truly beautiful aspects of code is it’s inherently sharable nature. There was a time when developers focused their energy on code obfuscation and all sorts of other tactics to keep the source code private. Luckily, an overwhelming majority of professional coders have accepted the “Open Source” culture as a permanent approach to web development. In that world, even the most novice coder is able to build on the backs of giants.

Steve Zissou / Wes Anderson Wallpaper

This Wes Anderson Wallpaper Tribute is dedicated to Steve Zissou - The man, the myth, the legend.

I love Wes Anderson, but this Steve Zissou Wallpaper is dedicated to the man himself. Generally Bill Murray is amazing in any movie, but this one in particular makes me love him so much more. He consistently fights an unending uphill battle, w/o so much as noticing. I constructed the teams outfit in Illustrator, then tossed in an inspirational quote from the man himself.

Mobile Editing Apps - iOS Code Editors

The best Mobile Editing Apps and iOS Code Editors contain an amazing power - Allowing you to actually take your web development skills on the road.

People unfamiliar with coding might imagine that a coder's life consists of picking up an iPad off the beach, knocking out an hour, then rolling over to retire for the day. Unfortunately technology has just not gotten to that point yet. The restrictions that most editing apps possess make working away from a known network very difficult. In the last few years large moves have been made in the worlds of design and development, what really hasn't changed much though are the code editors we're doing all this fun work on. What could make real locational freedom a possibility in the near future is the development of intuitive mobile coding applications. Historically this has been an undeserved niche, but now there are a few solid choices in the field. In the name of pushing progress lets take a look at the leaders of the pack and identify exactly what they're doing right.

Top 10 Favorite Inspirational Websites

Inspiration comes in many forms - When it comes to web design, These are our top 10 favorite inspirational websites.

There are several important aspects to a quality inspirational website. You need high quality project pieces, an interactive community, design freebies, and cohesive overall presentation. With several years in the industry, it's safe to say inspiration drains out of the best of designers from time to time. Here are a few sites that should push you past that occasional "writer's block" and inspire your next portfolio worthy project.

10 Responsive Frameworks You Need

Bootstrap vs Gumby vs Foundation - We take a look inside all the popular frameworks on the market and find the 10 Responsive Frameworks You Need.

Responsive Frameworks are springing up everywhere lately, but crowding the market occasionally leads to confusion. Whether you call them responsive grid systems or a css responsive layout - they are a web designer's best friend and we love them as much as anyone. The only issue we have with responsive frameworks is that there are just so many out there and Bootstrap vs Gumby vs Foundation 4 vs every thing else, can be a tough decision to make. With that in mind, we'll try to save you some time (and give you a few more tools)... because these are the only tools you need to provide good responsive design to your clients.

Wordpress Htaccess - A Wordpress Security Tutorial

Your WordPress Htaccess is a file you should be taking seriously. It can boost security, performance, and seo without a ton of effort. Take a couple minutes and learn a few WordPress htaccess tricks of the trade.

One aspect that makes WordPress so popular is the carefully curated plugins that are so easily installable. In the case of security though, you don't want cookie cutter... You want bulletproof ...and using htaccess effectively is as bulletproof as it gets. While improving your website's security in just a couple steps, we'll also cover a few easy htaccess additions that can have your website running faster and more efficiently. If you're not already familiar with utilizing these files, you'll be amazed by the functionality they add. If you've got a few years of experience under your belt, hopefully you'll still catch a couple nuggets of code you don't have lying around worth keeping.

10 Top CDN Plugins, Providers, and Tips

If you’re minding your pageload times, then your probably already familiar with CDNs. We’ve collected the top cdn plugins, quality cdn providers, and a few tips for handling cdn on cms.

Let's start by briefly addressing how a cdn functions and then take a look at the best ways to utilize them. In it's simplest form a CDN is provides performance through using multiple servers. By using multiple servers to deliver content, your website is placing a lighter load on each and cutting down the distance needed to travel in almost all circumstances. These benefits are folded into your site by rewriting resource urls to your CDN service provider, but it's not really as complicated as you may think. Since you need to select a provider, lets start by identifying a few quality CDN providers.

Stitch Wallpaper

This Stitch Wallpaper is a simple stitched Apple Icon... A Mac wallpaper tribute.

This months submission - Stitch Wallpaper is simple, wintery in color, and a great way to coordinate your new tech gear ...especially since Santa is gonna be late with the new MacPro's.

The Best Wireframe Tools / Wireframe Apps

Bridging the gap between your vision and a clients idea usually takes a few tools. Use one of the best wireframe tools on the market and you'll go a long way in bridging that gap.

Wireframing is one of the most important steps in web or app development. Using solid wireframe tools can be a huge time saver, but if you're completely unfamiliar with concept - you're basically trying to roughly sketch what content goes where. The largest benefits of this being that it gives designers a map to work from and it also establishes the scope of the project. All things considered Wireframing is probably the most useful step in the development process, because it establishes communication, allows feedback, inks guidelines, and gives everyone a point of reference.

Dropbox Database Sync for Testing

Database management is very important, but it's always presented a problem.

Keeping computers in a local testing environment in sync can be a nightmare. Creating a Dropbox database sync is an ingenious, often overlooked approach to this daunting problem.

Top 5 Javascript Frameworks

Quality Javascript Libraries are a web developers best friend. These are the top 5 Javascript frameworks every web developer should be familiar with to make amazing web apps in minimal time!

Anything code based requires repetition and there's usually no need to rewrite code that already exists. Javascript libraries are an especially useful proof of this concept, since they can often be very time consuming to start from scratch. In practice, the problem is usually not knowing what code you can really rely on. Luckily a little know-how can let you sort through the riff-raff and get right to the heart of the code that'll help your project and still be around and well maintained if any updates need to be done. With that goal in mind, we've compiled the five most notable Javascript libraries online today. They may not fit every exact situation, but they're certainly the frameworks that should be bookmarked by any serious web developer and looked to as a first option.

Pacman Fever Wallpaper

Pacman Fever Wallpaper - Giving your halloween season desktop a little retro-awesomeness.

This months submission - The Pacman Fever Wallpaper is proof that Halloween should be approached with class and dignity. Let's be honest, nothing says "dignity" more then Pac-Man... The classiest of all retro video games.

Terminal Icon Vector (AI)

This Terminal Icon Vector is a free layered download instantly available for all of you coders and command line fans out there.

High quality icons are a necessity for designers. This vector version of the famous Terminal application should more then exceed any project standards that you may have.

Calvin Power Wallpaper

Calvin and Hobbes are American heros. This months HD Wallpaper is a simple tribute to them and the amazing powers of the imagination that they advocate.

Scottish naturalist John Muir once said "The power of imagination makes us infinite" and to me nothing embodies that feeling more then Calvin and Hobbes. I remember Spaceman Spiff, the endless shenanigans, and the tolerant folks. The seed that was planted in millions of kids minds from one frame to the next, was that imagination makes all the difference... I couldn't agree more.

Free Site Ranking Utilities

Free site ranking utilities provide easy ways to measure how your site's doing (and usually easy ways to fix them)

Tracking your website's metrics can be an overwhelming task. Gauging results through analytics is one thing, but actually tracking a specific page's performance can be a nightmare. Traffic only covers one aspect. How are the page's being disseminated online? How is your page's "meta" working? You usually have two choices - hire a SEO company or purchase a pricey programs to run the numbers for you (usually w/ a monthly fee attached). As with most computer nerds, I hate paying for something I can do for free... That's why our Design Concepts, Design Theory, Design Inspiration, and Design Heros all have one thing in common... This is our web design and development blog added a few free SEO tricks along with a few free site ranking tools that are absolutely invaluable. So in the interest of sharing, here are a few sites with a free site ranking checker for you to use.

Be Frank Wallpaper

Frank Lloyd Wright is a god to pretty much every designer I know.

Frank Lloyd Wright is an american hero and idol to every designer I know. This wallpaper is an homage and features his quote - "The truth is more important then the facts".

Raleigh Food Bank Charities and Local Farms

Give the triangle community a hand by supporting Raleigh food bank charities and local farms.

There have been substantial cuts in government assistance and in this time of need, providing food for our community should be at the top of our priority list. Sometimes that means volunteering at local food charities, but it can also mean simply supporting our own local agricultural industry. Here are a few ways that anyone can help out.

Can't Stop / Won't Stop Wallpaper

It's neither hyperbole or sarcasm that allows me to say - Puffy Combs is a veritable fountain of wisdom.

OK... It's probably my sarcastic nature that makes mocking public figures so enjoyable. I will however say, I have adopted his "Can't Stop - Won't Stop" mentality as a mantra.