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Technology Favorites - Web Resources & Web Design Tools

The Absolute Best Lazy Load Javascripts

In a field dominated by imagery, using the best lazy load javascripts possible can help you deliver amazing impact without becoming an absolute drag on your pageload times.

Mobile Editing Apps - iOS Code Editors

The best Mobile Editing Apps and iOS Code Editors contain an amazing power - Allowing you to actually take your web development skills on the road.

Top 5 Javascript Frameworks

Quality Javascript Libraries are a web developers best friend. These are the top 5 Javascript frameworks every web developer should be familiar with to make amazing web apps in minimal time!

10 Top CDN Plugins, Providers, and Tips

If you're minding your pageload times, then your probably already familiar with CDNs. We've collected the top cdn plugins, quality cdn providers, and a few tips for handling cdn on cms.

Synergy Application

Using one mouse and keyboard for multiple computers is a huge time saver and it's not as complicated as you may think. If you're looking for solid cross platform device sharing, look no further then the Synergy application.

JPEGmini - Jpeg Compression Tool

JPEGmini is a killer jpeg compression tool that allows you to reduce your image's file size, improve your website's page load speeds, & still preserve all of the awesome!

Advanced Access Manager - WordPress Plugin

One simple plugin makes handling your Wordpress user access a snap.

Evernote for Project Management

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web.

How to Use Dropbox

Some terms scare people off. Cloud computing may seem like some far off, nerd driven technology. Dropbox makes it easy as pie.

Web Dos and Donts

One of our favorite resources for web advice lately has been Web Dos and Donts. It covers a ton of categories.

Facebook Questions?

What looks like a late addition may turn out to be the thing that ties all Facebook's data together.

Klout - Whats Your Klout?

When it comes to social media it's important to know, what's your Klout? Here's a quick rundown of Klout usage tips & ways developers can get started with the Klout API.

Adobe Kuler

Makes coordinating colors and developing unified themes as easy as pie.

Budgeting with Mint App

Mint offers economic novices everything you need for your financial life, all in one place.

ShareTool 2

Accessing your computer while away opens up a world of freedom, doing it securely makes that freedom something truly useful.

We Heart It App

We Heart it is a great website that allows you to easily compile all your online inspiration and easily share it with a thriving community.We'll show you how to use we heart it app and easily include we heart it widgets on your own website.

What is Quora?

A Great resource for accumulating useful knowledge from people in the know.

Marketing with StumbleUpon

Depending on your perspective StumbleUpon can be viewed as a giant time waster or a fantastic web tool. Whatever your view, it can be an overwhelming source of traffic for your website and we'll show you how to take advantage of that potential.


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