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Design Heroes - Famous Graphic Designers & More

  • Jessica Hische - Typographer

    Jessica Hische - Typographer

    Effective typography is halfway between art and science. As it's appreciation in the design community reaches new heights, Jessica Hische is one name that should be piquing your interest.

  • Wayne White - Artist

    Wayne White - Artist

    Wayne White is the kind of character who avoids the spotlight. His art however does not.

  • Dieter Rams - Principles of Design

    Dieter Rams - Principles of Design

    Legendary design hero Dieter Rams reflects on the Ten Commandments of Design. Anyone interested in product design, typograpy, or any type of design should take his words to heart.

  • Samuel Mockbee - Architect

    Samuel Mockbee - Architect

    The father of the Rural Studio, Auburn's Samuel Mockbee was a founding father of American's Sustainable Architectural Movement. His commitment to architecture and ethics leaves a shining legacy for todays socialy consious architects.

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