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Web Design Standards Blog - Design & Development Tools

Worlds Best Secure Email Providers

All businesses need to communicate, but how can they communicate securely? In this post we'll cover the best secure email providers available, so any user or business can begin communicating securely with absolutely minimal technical know-how.

Free Site Ranking Utilities

Optimizing SEO can be a complicated task. Free site ranking utilities provide experienced web developers and newcomers alike, a helpful way to track progress and identify potential shortfalls.

Mastering RSS - RSS Submission Sites & Tools

Content distribution is an overlooked aspect of blogging, so we created this quick guide to mastering RSS. By identifying leading RSS feed formats, top RSS submission sites, and a few of the best RSS reader apps, we can make your audience even larger.

The Best Wireframe Tools / Wireframe Apps

Bridging the gap between your vision and a clients idea usually takes a few tools. Use one of the best wireframe tools on the market and you'll go a long way in bridging that gap.

10 Responsive Frameworks You Need

Bootstrap vs UIKit vs Foundation - We take a look inside all the popular frameworks on the market and find the 10 Responsive Frameworks You Need.

Joomla 101 - Create an Article & SEO Settings

This Joomla 101 tutorial infographic shows you how to create a Joomla post and optimize your basic Joomla SEO settings to get the best out of them.

ReCaptcha Basics - Using ReCaptcha

In this Google reCaptcha tutorial we cover the reCaptcha basics - What is reCaptcha, a start to using reCaptcha with PHP, code for a reCaptcha example, and how to fix a recaptcha not working properly.

How Vimeo Beats YouTube - Vimeo vs YouTube

In the battle of Vimeo vs YouTube, we generally prefer to use an unlikely choice.

Joomla CMS Basics

These are the Joomla CMS basics, so you can choose which CMS works best for your project.

Ubuntu - Open Source Linux OS

Anyone familiar with Ubuntu basics knows it's easy to turn your nose up at a free os, whats a bit tougher is finding it's flaws.

Creative Commons Basics

This guide to using Creative Commons will cover all the Creative Commons basics - Selecting an attribution type, A detailed Creative Commons attribution example & factors in identifying Creative Commons vs copyright situations.

Facebooks Open Graph API & Protocol

The Open Graph API underpins a huge piece of Facebook's future viability. We'll explain what is DublinCore, what is RDF, what is metadata & how will the Open Graph protocol impact the future of web development.

Favicon Basics - A Favicon Tutorial

In this favicon tutorial we'll cover the Favicon Basics - What is a Favicon, What's the standard favicon size & We'll show you how to make a favicon - Including the best generators, favicon html samples & ico file converters.

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